Centro WestSide
"Will be very good when fully operating"

Generally a very good quality hotel and good price for now. It's a pity that at the moment they are not ready to offer alcoholic beverages and the nice looking bar with terrace se is closed. Room service not able to bring a bottle of water even after calling 3 times and receving every time a positive answer: that was very annoying.

Reviewed by Frigat_ a TripAdvisor traveler
Italy 15th July 2019
"Mr H Nuur"

I arrived in Istanbul on holiday with my family and stayed in Centro Westside hotel. The staff welcomed us so kindly and the services provided were excellent. The facilities in the hotel were brilliant too. I would highly recommend staying at this hotel.

Reviewed by Hnuur a TripAdvisor traveler 11th July 2019

When I arrived to the hotel at 13.00 I was told that my room is not ready and I need to wait till 14.00. When I returned to the reception at 14.00 I was waiting in a queue for 1 hour! Reception works very slow!

Reviewed by _XQG a TripAdvisor traveler 30th April 2019
"Amazing stay as usual"

Highly recommended for short business trips. The staff showed amazing help and customer service. I believe hotel management is very clever in selecting their new hires where they focus on customer service. Special thanks to GokTUG and Ibrahim for their outstanding help and support

Reviewed by Eng_Akm a TripAdvisor traveler 22nd April 2019

Otel konumu, temizlik, resepsiyon ve hizmetler bakımından mükemmeldir ve tüm personel çok profesyoneldir......The hotel is excellent in terms of location, cleanliness, reception and services and all the staff are professional in dealing

Reviewed by Salem A a TripAdvisor traveler 9th March 2019
"Mohammad UK"

It was wonderful stay. Big thanks to Mr Ibrahim who was the receptionist overnight. Staff is really good. Good service and good rooms. active shuttles to Airport. But location is not perfect, but still there is 212 Mall next to hotel.

Reviewed by Explorer a TripAdvisor traveler 4th March 2019

Just perfect with higher of appreciation! Perfect in-service perfect including less location was in a little bit not even close to center ;)) but still good to sleep in quality room was so clean and your service was perfect thank you very much

Reviewed by Assen C a TripAdvisor traveler 2nd March 2019
"Perfect hotel"

It is a warm hotel with perfect rate price/quality. The hotel has the perfect quality with an incredible price. Also people working at there are so kind and always taking care of the customers. Nice hotel

Reviewed by Sherpa a TripAdvisor traveler 26th February 2019
"Very good hotel"

Everything was good. Professional personal. Clean rooms. Futuristic designed. breakfast very fresher. Hotel have a pool for relaxing, sauna. All of services thought out to the right for the guest. For tourists that hotel very good chance to visit Istanbul.

Reviewed by Navigate a TripAdvisor traveler 15th February 2019
" Would like to add Mr Al Hamdullah as a very special Excellent Hotel and very welcoming and professional people"

None could organize hotel airport pick up in a better way with less price .. nothing to be added here .Rooms were clean . Safe and warm . Training room was full equipped .Wifi was excellent .all hotel people are cooperative , active , and welcoming . Every thing was perfect .

Reviewed by Roving a TripAdvisor traveler 4th February 2019

Good: The view was spectacular and they upgraded our room from a standard to a suite. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The room was clean and beautifully decorated. We enjoyed our stay, it was above our expectations.

Angeliki Greece
22nd July 2019. Source: Booking.com

Good: الاطلاله المسبح نظيف السرير مريح جدا وتعامل الموظفين مره كويسس
Bad: بعيد عن الاماكن السياحيه عدم مصداقيته مع بوكنج خلونا ندفع مبلغ زياده عن المبلغ الموجود علما باني اخترت غرفه سويت المفروض هي لشخصين وطفل ولما رحت هناك قالوا لي السويت لشخص واحد

Hanouf Saudi Arabia
21st July 2019. Source: Booking.com

Good: Evrey thing its verey good

Mohasad Iraq
19th July 2019. Source: Booking.com

Very Good
Good: Το δωματιο ειναι μεγαλο ευρυχωρο Το μπάνιο ειναι εκπληκτικο!!!! Το πρωινό αψογο Εγκαταστάσεις πέντε και οχι τεσσάρων αστέρων Χωρις κίνηση είναι κανα μισαωρο απο το νεο αεροδρόμιο
Bad: Το προσωπικο λόγω φορτου εργασιας δεν μπορουν να εξυπηρετησουν Ο υπάλληλος του room service αλλο του ζητησα αλλο μου έφερε Περιμενα ωρα για να αδειασει τραπεζι πρωινου για τέσσερα ατομα

Xristos Greece
18th July 2019. Source: Booking.com

Good: Hotelul este lângă autostrada,zona liberă doua centre comerciale lângă.

Hariga Romania
17th July 2019. Source: Booking.com

New hotel with good facilites near Mall of Istanbul, clean good price, service could be improved.
Good: good facilities, new and clean.
Bad: Once I called 3 times room service and reception for bottle of water and they never came. They were saying yes and just not coming. Very annoying. They were still waiting for the licence to serve alcoholic beverages: so bar was closed. no beer or wine at the restaurant.

Fr_frequent_traveler Italy
16th July 2019. Source: Booking.com

Good: موقع جميل، أمام مول أف إسطنبول
Bad: لايوجد

عبدالكريم Saudi Arabia
16th July 2019. Source: Booking.com

Good: Everything was good, the staff is very friendly and responsible. Also gym is very nice: clean and new. Near big shopping center.
Bad: Location is not in the city center, but taxi is not expensive. Hotel is non-álcohol. So be aware if you like dinners with alcohol. The rest is amazing.

Anton Portugal
16th July 2019. Source: Booking.com

يستحق الزيارة
Good: الاطلاله على الميدان
Bad: المسبح كان فيه شعر طويل وكان اول يوم وثاني يوم مبلغ معقول نوعا ما ولا كن اليوم ارتفع 3 اضعاف

Hani Saudi Arabia
16th July 2019. Source: Booking.com

Need to take taxi to go anywhere

CHIU (Business Traveler) Taiwan
10th July 2019. Source: Agoda

Good: كل شي جميل
Bad: يجب ان يكون لديك سيارة خاصة بسبب بعد الاماكن السياحية و كذلك المطاعم و البقالات

محمد Saudi Arabia
8th July 2019. Source: Booking.com

A brand new hotel
Good: Everything good
Bad: N/A

Maher Saudi Arabia
8th July 2019. Source: Booking.com

إطلاله رائعه
Good: كل شيء رائع
Bad: عمالة الفندق الذين يحملون الشناط يحاولون الأستغلال من نا حية الموصلات يتفقون مع سائقين خارجين. بسعر استغلالي. حاول تأخذ تكسي أو من طرف احد تعرفه

غدير Saudi Arabia
5th July 2019. Source: Booking.com

Good: يشوفون حل كيف نروح المول رجليه

Ebraheem Saudi Arabia
30th June 2019. Source: Booking.com

الفندق جيد
Good: الغرف جيده ونظيفه التكييف رائع
Bad: بعيد نوعا ما عن الاماكن السياحيه لا توجد اغراف الطبخ في المطبخ ينقصه بعض الاغراض في الحمام

Abdullah Kuwait
30th June 2019. Source: Booking.com

Ödeme yapın
Ödememi iade ederseniz değerlendirmemi o zaman yaparım. Özellikle rica ediyorumzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,,,,,',,,,,,,,,,,,,,,',,............",,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,,Asasasaassasasasasasssssasasass121212122122122122121212121211122

Ibrahim Yasubuga (Solo), Turkey
9th July 2019

يعطيكم العافية
شكرا على حسن الضيافة... النظافة شيء رائع... المرافقة ممتازة... الاطلالة كانت رائعة... موقع الاوتيل كان أكبر مشكلة واجهتني ولا يوجد بمحيطه خدمات ابدا لمن يرغب بالخروج سيرا على الأقدام... وجوده على الاوتوسترادات صعب الإقامة بالنسبة لي

Omaimah Salem Omar Musa (Family), Jordan
1st July 2019

En iyi olmaya aday.
Bir kac küçük hata disinda her zaman kaldigim otel. Ama o küçük hatalar kronik malesef. Ilk girişte receocionda sacma bi sekilde beklemek stamdart hale gelmiş. Son bir kac girişimde anahtarı verin artik diye ses yukseltmek zorunda kaldım.

Hasan Basri Dursun (Family), Turkey
7th June 2019

شكرا لتعاملكم وتقديركم ومستوى عالي من الخدمة مكان رائع طاقم محترف ااااااااااااااااااااا اااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااا

helayel alenazi (Solo), Saudi Arabia
4th June 2019

Super Service und ein schönes Hotel
Ich war im Mai 2019 für 3 Nächte . Das Hotel ist sehr sauber und der Service waren super . Gerne würde ich nochmal das Hotel empfehlen. Die Ausstattung im Zimmer war gut . Auch die Aussicht aus meinem Zimmer ist super gewesen. Der Pool im 15 Stock ist einfach genial .

Mustafa Yucel (Solo), In House Guest
15th May 2019

Akşam yemeği tam bir fiyasko. Hem 1 saat geç geldi, hem de yenilecek seviyede değildi. pizza ve salata, 1 çatal aldım ve aynen bıraktım. Sabah da yemediğim yemek için 99 TL ödedim.........................................................

Mustafa Gurcan (Solo), Turkey
14th May 2019

Alles gut
Das wahr sehr gut und alles wahr Super .......……………….……………………............................................................................................................................................

Ali Chamas (Solo), Germany
30th April 2019

When I arrived to the hotel at 13.00 I was told that my room is not ready and I need to wait till 14.00. When I returned to the reception at 14.00 I was waiting in a queue for 1 hour! Reception works very slow!

30th April 2019

öncelikle oteli tercih etmemizdeki sebep calısan personelin güleryüzlü ve saygılı olması otelin konumu çok güzel istediginiz yere sorunsuz ulasım imkanı var temiz güleryüzlü hizmet kendi evinizde gibi hissettiriyorlar yeni olmasına ragmen cevredeki cogu otelden daha şık ve gösterişli

Sefik Unsal (Solo), Turkey
29th April 2019

Bad location
Very bad location The food is poor Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Kazmieh Zatara (Family), In House Guest
28th April 2019

nice الاقامة كانت جيدة والخدمة من الموظفين ممتازة كذلك الافطار كان تنوع ورائع فقط صعوبة الوصول نسبيا الي موقع الفندق ولكن في المجمل الفندق كان رائع وسوف احجز في الفندق مرة أخري خلال رحلاتي القادمة مع الاسرة مع تمنياتي للجميع بالتوفيق

attia mohamed sallam (Business), Egypt
27th April 2019

Amazing stay as usual
Highly recommended for short business trips. The staff showed amazing help and customer service. I believe hotel management is very clever in selecting their new hires where they focus on customer service. Special thanks to GokTUG and Ibrahim for their outstanding help and support

AbdulKarim Munla (Solo), Syria
22nd April 2019

i suggest for every one going for business so closed to expo hall and mall of istanbul ,very quite place no traffic noise i wish to enjoy like me with hotel facility ......................................

Basel Yahia (Solo), Tunisia
22nd April 2019

Herşey çok güzel kendi evimiz gibi konaklıyoruz samimi personel özellikle Soner bey ve spa da yasin kardeşimiz çok ilgililer her zaman konaklıyoruz ve tavsiyenediyoruz hem şahsım hemde imospak grubumuz adına

Murat Sen (Business), Turkey
20th April 2019

نتمنى لكم دوام التوفيق و ان تحافظو على نفس المستوى في الخدمه و النظافه كما اود ان اشكر العاملين في الفندق لحسن الترحاب و البشاشه في التعامل و الترحيب حيث أنهم تعاملوا باحترافيه تامه مع بعض المواقف نشكركم لذلك .

Faisal Hassan (Family), Sudan
18th April 2019
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