Centro ShaheenRRRR
"Nice clean and affordable place"

Nice place to stay. In Jeddah Accommodation is new and furnitures are modern. Elevators available all the time. Parking is free and guaranteed. Food is available for the three meals (not for free obviously). Enjoyed my stay.

Reviewed by HanyHegazy a TripAdvisor traveler 2nd December 2023

I would like to thank the hotel for best stay And I would like to give special thanks to house keeping supervisor talal hosam alden for the best service also reception supervisor mohammed bamohsen for his kind and service

Reviewed by Othmanm a TripAdvisor traveler 17th April 2023
"Best hotel"

Very kind and helpful staff specially bahasan was very helpful. Very good hotel location was convenient and very very clean room, I would definitely stay here again next time I visit Jeddah overall experience was 10/10

Reviewed by Abdulkarim a TripAdvisor traveler
United Arab Emirates 1st April 2023
"Highly recommended"

Very professional and kind staff specially the front desk people. They really go beyond expectations to meet your requests. High level of cleanliness and services. Breakfast was so rich and tasty, for sure I’ll book it again and again.

Reviewed by Ghassan_Nasr a TripAdvisor traveler
Lebanon 30th September 2022
"It wont be my first choice "

I booked two rooms, and when I first checked in, the receptionist gave me two room that weren’t fully clean and smell very bad. Also, when I wanted to check out, I have asked for someone to come and carry my bags. However, they took too long to come where I couldn’t waited anymore, so I took my bags and went down because I have a flight to catch. Moreover, when I asked the receptionist why you took too long to come and carry my bag, he said, “we were very busy” I got upset and I asked to only have one person for a 4 star hotel? He said, in the morning not a lot of people checking out. I was shocked. Other than that, the pool was nice, the view was nice, the room were okay! The bathroom weren’t that big

Reviewed by GuestAlguest a TripAdvisor traveler
Saudi Arabia 20th September 2022
"Nice staff and comfortable place"

Special thanks for front desk staff specially Mr. sohil badri & mr. Mohammed balesi For there professional attitude and work with great smile and rest of staff in front desk that i face them they are kind and smiling. The atmosphere at general comfortable and this facility it will be one of my choice for next stay thank and keep improving.

Reviewed by Yalqer a TripAdvisor traveler 18th December 2021

Clean pleasant would definitely return a pleasure to stay here with no complaints one of the best hotels I’ve stayed at in Saudi Arabia and I’ve stayed in a few over the last few months I look forward to coming again

Reviewed by Karlbriggs a TripAdvisor traveler 17th March 2020
"Good hotel in good location"

The location was perfect for me because it was very close to the companies I had to visit as part of my business travel. The facilities are clean and staff very friendly and supportive. The room size is ok and the room service is very good. Recommended.

Reviewed by Giuliana B a TripAdvisor traveler
United Kingdom 21st February 2020
"Average hotel"

Expect long waiting for check in and their Washroom is tiny and water will splash all over the place Breakfast is average and rooms are generally clean Some times even though you had booked for King-size bed they are unable to give you the same room when checking in

Reviewed by Ijazahamed a TripAdvisor traveler 20th February 2020
"very good hotel in Jeddah"

very good hotel in Jeddah. Everything is clean and very good organised. The hotel is in a good location and easy accessible to Balad and to the corniche. There is a nice swimming pool on the top of the hotel for relaxation

Reviewed by Olivier D a TripAdvisor traveler
Luxembourg 13th February 2020

جميلين وسرعه في التجاوب وتلبيه الخدمه
Good: ممتاز
Bad: الهدوء وسرعه في الخدمه

Moahmad Saudi Arabia
31st March 2020. Source: Booking.com

it was nice location to meet my teammates

Ahmad H
17th March 2020. Source: Google

جميل جدًا

saud'Ot HD
15th March 2020. Source: Google

يسرني تكرير الزيارة.
Good: الموق ، والنظافة.
Bad: سعر الماء الصغير بـ 8 ريال😡مبااالغة

Faiz Saudi Arabia
15th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

نظيف ومرتب
Good: في منتصف البلد، وقريب ممن أحب
Bad: الازعاج أحيانا إشكال

Mohammed Saudi Arabia
15th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

Good: جميع ماذكر سابقا

Issa Saudi Arabia
14th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

ممتاز في كل شيئ

Bashar Hemedany
13th March 2020. Source: Google

اسعد الله صباحكم بالخير واليمن والبركات وكل عام وانتم بخير بمناسبة عيد السقا من فيروز الكوروننه من ٨ هنا حارت غليل الشعبيه القديمه والجديدة انتهاجه هنا انتهى غليل غليل الشعبي القديم والجديد رخيص في مدينه احد المسارحه المجنوونه

محمد الهيثم
12th March 2020. Source: Google

حقيقة كل شي في الفندق مميز ، من أحمد ومحمد في الاستقبال ، مرورا بالافطار المميز ، ونظافة الغرف ، وسرعة الخدمة ، كل زيارة لجدة لن اسكن إلا فيه مادام هذا مستواه ، نتمنى الاستمرار يا متميزين

ABDULLAH (Couple) Saudi Arabia
11th March 2020. Source: Agoda

الموظفة وداد الشريف تستحق افضل موظفة كل الشكر للفندق والعاملين فيه واخص بالذكر الاخت وداد الشريف الله يسعدها
Good: كل شي في الفندق جميل
Bad: لا يوجد

عبدالله Saudi Arabia
11th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

الاسعار مرتفعه مقارنة ببقية الفنادق

Mohammad Amsha
10th March 2020. Source: Google

Good: اشكر الاداره على حسن تعاملها وامانتها لقد نسيت مبلغ من المال بصندق الأمانات بالغرفه وتزكرت ذلك عند صعودي الطائرة فتواصلت معهم بالهاتف تم حفظ المبلغ لديهم وتواصل معي بالبريد الإلكتروني لتاكيدسلامه المبلغ لديهم وأخص الأخ عبدالرحمن المطيري في الاستقبال لحسن تعاونه وتعامله وأمانته وهذا خير مثل لبلاد المملكه العربيه السعودية لامانتهم

Magdi Saudi Arabia
10th March 2020. Source: Booking.com


Bad: الاثاث غير نظيف

عبدالله Saudi Arabia
10th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

Good: المكان فخم وحلو انصح ب حجزه

Waleed Saudi Arabia
9th March 2020. Source: Booking.com

ضيق القاعه لايوجد مصلى النظافه

masoud binsaeed
9th March 2020. Source: Google
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